Warhammer Galaxy In Flames AuthorsEdit

Josh[TheArchEmperor] - Damocles Hammer (Main DM)

Tommaso - Azure Knights (Support DM)

ForgottenAbyss - Imperial Fist (Support DM)

Zarkarrix - Word Bearers

AncientKaiser - Luna Wolf

Sebastian - Alpha Legion

Dora - Death Guard

Omey - (Undecided)

Brandel - (Undecided)

Copyright Insurance Edit

Warhammer 30.000 Is based around the Great Crusade of the Imperium and the Emperor of Mankind. This is fan-based and alternative and does not mean to bring credit from Games Workshop for their creation of Warhammer 40k. (If anyone that reads this has doubt, please contact me or any of the staff for questions and concerns.)

Imperial Archives Edit

Space Marine Legions

Latest activities Edit

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